Cold with a Bit of Snow Friday, Just Plain Cold Saturday

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(A Few Snow Flurries or Showers Friday Evening)


The system that brought a surge of warmth Wednesday has been replaced by the return of colder air tonight.  Widespread rain with a few thunderstorms have come to an end for most of the region.  A few light showers are lingering over parts of the eastern and southeastern of the area but those will taper off very soon.  Slightly drier air will start the day for Friday; however, a weak disturbance will come across the region from late afternoon through the late night hours Friday kicking off a chance of a few snow flurries or snow showers.  Coverage will not be great, but do not be alarmed if you happen to see some flakes of snow.

The bigger story will be the impressive cold shot for this time of year.  With average high temperatures now in the lower 50s to around 60 and lows from the lower to upper 30s, Saturday will just be plain cold.

(Saturday Morning Lows)


Morning lows will fall into the middle teens to lower 20s under generally clear skies.  So if you have to be up and about early Saturday make sure to dress warm.  Not much recovery will happen Saturday afternoon.

(Saturday Afternoon Highs)


It is quite possible a few places in the mountains of West Virginia and eastern and northeastern Ohio stay below freezing for a high on Saturday.  Across western Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana expect lowers 30s to around 40.  All in all, just a cold day.  It will be dry so the sun will make it feel warmer than it is, so a little solace for those tired of the cold.  Do not fret, though, because cold this time of year is short-lived and by Sunday most areas will be back into the middle 40s to middle 50s.  Still chilly, but more tolerable to close out the weekend.

Stay warm this weekend.


Severe Weather Stays West, Rain and Thunder Tonight

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(Severe Reports through 1120 PM Wednesday)


The first cluster of severe weather, indeed, occurred today across Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.  One fatality has been recorded in Sand Spring, Oklahoma, a suburb west of Tulsa.  This is why in the audio I alluded to the fact that it would be a wise decision to brush up and focus on severe weather because our time will be coming in the near future.  Moore, Oklahoma, which I am sure almost everyone knows about, got hit with a tornado, also.  No rest for the weary for those citizens of the Sooner State.

(Thursday AM Reflection)


Turning the focus back into our area, I do not anticipate severe weather.  A couple of strong thunderstorms are possible, but reaching severe levels look unlikely.  Showers and embedded thunderstorms are likely overnight into the morning before tapering off to cold showers and possible snow showers in the afternoon.  As highlighted, the snow will not be a major deal but it still goes to show that snow can and will fall at this time of the year.

(Easter Weekend Hazard)


In the long range, I do have my eye on the Easter weekend weather.  It is too far out for specifics, but given the regime we have been in, some mischief could get involved, so keep checking back.  At the same time, this is also the target date where I think any last grips of Winter fade away and we go right towards Spring and the increasing possibilities of severe weather.

As always, stay alert with impending weather.

Wednesday Lunchtime Update

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(Wednesday Temperature Spread)


The warm front has moved through most of the region as of the noon hour.  Temperatures are spiking into the upper 50s to middle 60s and will climb a bit more this afternoon on steady southerly breezes.  A mix of sun and clouds will dominate as virtually all rain has ended.

(Thursday Morning)


A cold front will press towards the area late this evening and be enhanced by a wave of low pressure moving up the front Thursday morning bringing showers and a few thunderstorms.  I do not anticipate much, if any severe weather, but a few strong storms cannot be ruled out.  Once the cold front slides to the southeast colder air works back in and a few flakes of snow cannot be ruled out either.


Rest of Today- Partly Cloudy, Breezy, Warm.  Maybe an Isolated Shower.  Highs 55-73.  South and Southwest Winds at 15 to 30 mph with gusts to near 40 mph possible.

Tonight- Mostly Cloudy.  Showers Developing Late Evening and Spreading Southwest to Northeast.   Thunderstorms also Possible. Lows 36-56.  Southwest Winds at 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 40 mph possible.  Chance of Rain 90%

Thursday- Showers and Possible Thunderstorms, Transitioning to Steady Rain in the Afternoon.  Turning Cooler.  Highs 41-65, then Gradually Falling West to East.  Southwest Winds becoming Northwest at 15 to 25 mph with Gusts to 40 mph possible.  Chance of Rain 90%

Seesaw Weather Continues For the Rest of the Week

#Wednesday #Warm #Showers #Storms #Thursday #Cooler #Snow

The full fight between Winter’s last vestiges and Spring’s ever growing force is in full effect.  The week of warmth would not last despite many throwing any grip’s of winter away.  This is the Ohio Valley, after all.  In this region you hardly ever go from dominant cold to dry, warmth without the true battle for a couple weeks.  This is what we are in now.  Quick cold shots followed by quick warm shots, only to be followed by another cold shot.

Case in point this week, low and upper 30s to the lower 40s on Monday with rain, sleet, and snow.  A transient Tuesday with lower and middle 40s to the lower 50s.  Then a rapid warm Wednesday with temperatures jumping into the upper 50s to lower 60s to as high as the lower 70s, before crashing back down Thursday into Friday.  This also often signals a stormy pattern and that will be the case.

(Wednesday Early Morning)


Tonight a warm front is approaching the region with showers and a few embedded thunderstorms.  Showers will overspread the region through mid to late morning.  As is often the case, a brief drying time will occur from late morning through mid to late afternoon allowing for filter sunshine and a spike in temperatures on steady southerly breezes.

(Wednesday Night)


After a few hours, the attendant cold front will crash through the region kicking off showers and gusty thunderstorms.  Severe weather looks minimal but I would not be surprised if a coupe reach severe limits with wind and hail parameters.   Once this passes through, another brief break in the precipitation will result before the next wave of energy moves through the area Thursday.

(Thursday AM)


A ripple of low pressure will ride along the front leading to widespread showers and isolated storms Thursday morning before colder air spills in and becomes more of a uniform cold rain.  This precipitation will linger long enough that a mix of rain and snow has to be mentioned Thursday night into Friday morning.   Friday looms as another cold day for the end of March.  We are at the time of the year now, with a strong sun, that any ground heating with a very cold air mass upstairs can lead to instability snow showers.  So do not be surprised if at times on Friday quick bursts of snow fall across the region.

Many said snow was over and now you see why I told you it was not.  Do not worry, though, after April 5th Spring will be taking over in full force.

Tuesday Quick Summary

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(Tuesday Night)


A quick glance over the next couple of days will feature roller coaster weather.  The snow and cold of Monday is gone.  Today, Tuesday, will be a seasonally cool day with a mix of clouds and sun.  Tonight a warm front will approach bringing with it a period of rain.  The warm front will lift through Wednesday morning allowing southerly winds to boost temperatures into the upper 50s to the lower 70s in a northwest to southeast component.

(Wednesday Evening)


By Wednesday evening a cold front will approach bringing with it ore rain and perhaps a few thunderstorms.  Severe weather looks minimal, but a few strong storms will be likely.  The main threat will be winds gusting in the 35 to 50 mph, but a couple could over-achieve.  Once the front moves through winds will flip back to the west and northwest with rain showers continuing through Thursday as the cooler air spills in throughout the day.

Snow This Evening

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(1 to 3 Inches Possible)



Quick update on the system moving through the region at this time.  Wilmington opted to issue a Winter Weather Advisory for a few counties in west-central and central Ohio until 9 PM.  A quick couple of inches could fall in some areas, mainly sheltered areas and super cooled spots.  In rural areas and back roads a covering could occur and a few icy spots will occur overnight.  Snow will come to an end by mid to late evening.

If you are worried about cold, do not be.  Tomorrow temperatures will be cool but from the middle and upper 40s in the northeast to the lower and middle 50s in the south with a mix of clouds and sun.  An aggressive warm front will move into the area tomorrow evening bringing with it much warmer air and the threat of rain.  Wednesday will feel like Spring.  With southerly winds at 15 to 25 mph, temperatures will soar into the upper 50s to middle 60s in the north with lower 70s in the south.  Yes, we cool down at the end of the week as we are in this “last gasp of chill” pattern from now through about April 5th .

A Bit of Snow and Rain Today

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Surface Reflection Today:





A disturbance will race through the region today bringing with it a bit of snow and rain.  The pattern that I saw evolving was one that was cooler and stormier after March 20th until around April 5th.  A few places had a brief flirtation with snow Friday morning in northwestern and north-central Ohio as colder air rushed in behind a front.  Today, this system, will have enough cold air in place to drop a little more snow for northwestern Ohio and northern Indiana.   Once south of Interstate 70, snow chances are virtually at zero but a few flakes could float in from time to time.

Before we get all upset, this is not a big deal.  Accumulations will be minor, if at all, but do not be surprised if there is a small accumulation on super cooled objects or sheltered areas.  A little rain will likely mix in, also, but the idea that snow was not over yet for parts of the region should not be a surprise.

Once this system departs by late evening, warmth will surge back into the region and have highs in the upper 40s to middle 50s tomorrow then middle 50s to middle 60s on Wednesday as the next system takes aim on our area.

Enjoy the surprise…oh wait!  You already knew snow was not quite over yet.


Fantastic Monday, Cooler with a Bit of Rain for Saint Patrick’s Day

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(Monday Map)


That about sums up the weather for the next 48 hours.  Nice westerly breezes and partly to mostly sunny skies will greet you on Monday.  High temperatures should range from the middle 60s in the north to the middle 70s in the south.  Low pressure out in the northern Plains will start to push its way in by Monday evening with increasing and lowering clouds along wit gradual increase in winds.

(Tuesday Map)



By Tuesday afternoon, a weak cold front will move through with a wind shift to the northwest, cooling temperatures, and perhaps a few showers for Saint Patrick’s Day.  The biggest change will come Tuesday evening as skies begin to clear as temperatures fall back into the 20s.  Nothing major, but a sign that the battle of Winter trying to hold on and Spring wanting to take over, is in place.   This will set up a cool but bright Wednesday with highs in the lower to upper 40s.

Overall, a relatively quiet start for the first half of the work and school week.  Get out and enjoy Monday!

Rain On the Way, Flooding Issues Likely

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The nice weather of the last 24 to 30 hours will be coming to an end as another rain system will impact the Ohio Valley come Friday morning.  High clouds are streaming in, a telltale sign that moisture is approaching.  Thursday will end up being very nice with ample sunshine and pleasant mid March temperatures but as low pressure moves up out of the Gulf of Mexico into the Mississippi and Tennessee Valley’s, rain will spread from southwest to northeast as Friday progresses.  Because of this, Flood Watches have been put into effect for southern Ohio, southern Indiana, and Kentucky.  This Flood Watch is in effect from 8 AM Friday morning through 2 PM Saturday afternoon.  1 to as much as 3 inches of rain will fall across the region with the heaviest being in the southern and southwestern sections of the Ohio Valley.

At the same time, Flood Advisories and Flood Warnings are already being issued for areas along the Ohio River and other rivers and tributaries in anticipation for the rainfall expected from early to mid morning Friday through early afternoon Saturday.

(Friday Midday)



By the lunch hour on Friday, rain will encompass a majority of the Ohio Valley and spread over the entire region by mid afternoon.  Rain will continue in earnest Friday night, with some of the rain being heavy at time.

(Saturday Midday)


The rain will begin to lighten up and push out from west to east by early to mid afternoon hours of Saturday.  Despite the clouds and rain, temperatures will remain seasonal from the upper 40s to middle and upper 50s for most areas.

(Rainfall Totals)



When all is said and done, one to three inches of rain will be likely with possible higher amounts in some areas.   This is why the importance to prepare and take action now if you live near low-lying, flood prone, or other hazardous areas with regards to flooding.  With the recent excessive snow melt, the previous rain system on Tuesday, and the additional water from this system will create issues in these areas.

Once this system departs, slightly cooler air will filter in Saturday night but will set up a nice Sunday.  Partly to Mostly Sunny skies and highs in the middle 40s to middle 50s should greet the region to close out the weekend.

I encourage a heightened sense of awareness if you live near an area that experiences issues with flooding due to the conditions at hand.

More Rain Friday into Saturday, Flooding a Real Threat

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The foggy Tuesday evening through midday Wednesday is beginning to ease as drier air is moving into the area.   There is still some foggy areas, but with the sunshine warming the air and high pressure beginning to take hold the separation of dew point and air temperature is increasing allowing it to burn off and dissipate.  This will set up a nice rest of Wednesday and Thursday.  Temperatures today and tomorrow will range from the upper 40s to lower 60s under light east and northeast breezes.

(Rain Overspreads Region on Friday)





By late Thursday afternoon, high clouds will begin to build to the south as low pressure will move out of the Gulf towards the region.  Abundant moisture will spill in leading to widespread rain Friday into Saturday.   These two images are for Friday morning and Friday evening.  Low pressure centered in the Arklatex region Friday morning will drift into eastern Arkansas by Friday evening keeping the Gulf wide open for continual rainfall.

(Saturday Rainfall Map)




As we head into Saturday morning, steady rain continues to fall as the area of low pressure comes right up towards the Tri-State region of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  Rain will continue into the afternoon before slowly tapering off from west to east as the afternoon progresses into the evening hours.   With the snow pack that has melted, along with the rainfall from Tuesday, some flooding will likely occur in poor drainage areas and along rivers, creeks, and streams.  The extent of flooding will be better analyzed as we draw closer, but heed the caution statements now to be prepared ahead of time.

(Rainfall Totals 1 to as much as 3.5 inches)



As things stand now, 1 to as much as 3.5 inches of rain will fall from this system.  This is why the flood threat is a real concern along all rivers, creeks, streams, and watersheds.  The best threat will likely be tributaries in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky along with southern Indiana as they drain into the Ohio River.  Areas along the Ohio will likely experience some flooding, as well.  I urge to keep checking river stage reports and weather outlets to keep track.  If your area often experiences flooding when it comes to situations like these, it is best to be prepared and have a plan of action.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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